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Breakfast at Evancy

Breakfast for every residence except for Vence Les Jardins d'Azur

Breakfast for adult

One breakfast for adult costs 12€ per person and per day, and has :
2 filters for the coffee, tea
1 croissant
1/2 baguette
1 yogurt
1 orange juice
butter, milk and sugar

The orders are only valid for the first day of your stay. You can book more by filling the form available in the residency.

· According to the residency, the breakfast will be delivered to you at your accommodation or you will need to get it at the reception.
· The payment can only be done by credit card.

Breakfast for children

One breakfast for children costs 7€ per person and per day, and has :
pain au chocolat
small box of cornflakes
chocolate milk

Breakfast for Vence Les Jardins d'Azur

Try out our all-you-can-eat sweet & savory buffet, assorted pastries, fresh bread, various jams, cold cuts & cheese, fruit juices & fresh fruit, dairy products, cereals, eggs, bacon & sausages... This order is for the entire stay.
If you would like to reserve breakfasts for a particular period during your stay, please call us or contact us directly at

The rate is 18€ per day per adult and teenager (from 12 to 17 years old)

The rate is 9€ per day per children

Bon appétit !

Updated on: 03/05/2024

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